About OGE


With the benefit of scientific understanding and translation derived from a global network of heterogeneous but synergistic estuarine observation and prediction systems, Our Global Estuary aims to characterize each and every estuary across the globe, highlighting its regional and global significance.

Who We Are

Our Global Estuary (OGE) is comprised of an international network of scientists, indigenous cultures and other stakeholders united in a common goal to improve our predictions of how future changes in human activities and climate will influence all estuarine ecosystems and their natural productivity. By coming together and sharing our knowledge and resources, we are collectively able to study distinct and geographically distributed estuaries, leading to a stronger understanding of complex estuarine systems.  With this insight, scientists, resource managers and other stakeholders can identify areas of susceptibility to future change.  A rich, worldwide partnership ensures that diverse cultural knowledge and perspectives are included in strategies to promote sustainable resource management.

Our Grassroots Beginnings

Our Global Estuary was launched with funding to the FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in 2013, and continued with funding from the NSF Science and Technology Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction.  In October 2013, the Our Global Estuary U.S. National Workshop convened estuarine scientists, resource managers, coastal and ocean observing systems managers, educators, urban planners, and experts in Native American culture and environmental law to discuss the state of estuary science, technology, management, and policy. The primary purpose of this summit was to gather input on how knowledge generated in the study and caretaking of individual estuaries could be collected and made available to support efforts in other estuaries - and for all estuaries worldwide. From that discussion, the vision was created and the efforts of Our Global Estuary took flight.