Talking OGE...

The concept of Our Global Estuary has been discussed in multiple U.S. and international forums, from dedicated workshops to presentations and sessions at conferences and meetings.

OGE Workshops bring together estuarine scientists, indigenous cultures, resource managers, coastal and ocean observing systems managers, educators, experts in urban planning and environmental law to discuss the state of estuarine science, technology, management and policy. The primary purpose of the workshops is to generate in-depth assessments of how knowledge generated in the study and caretaking of individual estuaries can be collected and made available to support efforts in other estuaries, and for all estuaries worldwide.

Dedicated OGE sessions are convened to promote the exchange of information on recent developments in global estaurine research.

Presentations on OGE inform global scientists, resource managers, educators, indigenous cultures, and others about the efforts of the Our Global Estuary initiative.